The Fall
A Mystery by David Fulmer

Rough voices mutter in the darkness
and a body tumbles from an
outcropping of rock to land on the
railroad tracks hundreds of feet
below. The night goes still again as a
life ends in one sad breath. So begins
The Fall a mystery of murder that
races the deepest bonds of friendship.
Praise for The Fall
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David Fulmer's
"A compelling story that begins with a poetically
rendered tumble off a cliff and develops into a murder
mystery fraught with old flames and small-town drama.
Fulmer’s plotting is dead-on, and his prose is as evocative
as ever.”
— Atlanta Magazine

“The Fall is an altogether fine piece of suspense
delivered spanking well.”
                  — The Critical Mystery Tour

"Fulmer makes a very successful transition from
historical mysteries to the contemporary in this very
good character- driven story.  I highly recommend
his book."   
                                 — Mystery File
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January 2020!
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